Starry Holiday Table Runner

Starry Holiday Table Runner

My friend's husband and my husband decided to start their own business this year while both of us had buns in the oven. Needless to say, we're pinching pennies this holiday season...which is a great opportunity to get creative! My friend and I created this fun project for my kids to work on, and we spent a crafty afternoon creating a simple, low-cost holiday table decoration with high impact. The kids had a ton of fun painting and, what's more, the table runners double as wrapping paper! 

2 - 9
Est. Time:
1-2 hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. kraft paper (1 roll) - You can cut it in half like we did to fit 2 runners on the table
  2. paint (1 tube) - watered down
  3. foam paintbrush/sponge brush
  4. paper plate
  5. scissors
  1. Unroll the kraft paper along the width of the table with approximately 10 inches more to hang over each side, then cut. (We cut ours in half length-wise to create two side-by-side runners.) Squeeze about a tablespoon of white paint onto the paper plate and mix together with water using a sponge brush to create a creamy but not runny texture. My kids became experts at finding just the right consistency.

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  2. We used star stencils and a sponge brush to paint the stars on the craft paper, but really any design could be used. My two-year-old was content to dab paint just in the middle of the stencils so I helped her fill out the rest of the star.

  3. My seven-year-old worked independently at the other end of the paper taking creative liberty as to where each star would go. Don't worry if it isn't perfect. That's part of the charm!

  4. Here's how our table runner turned out.

  5. We also made place cards with the kraft paper by dabbing white paint onto letter stamps.

  6. Then we cut one end of the paper diagonally towards the center, like the runner.

  7. And here is the finished product.

  8. After breakfast, you can recycle the runners and wrap a last minute gift!