String Art Valentine

String Art Valentine

Sewing and embroidery are two hobbies I really enjoy. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I decided to use a simple cross-stitching technique to make string art valentines. I loved the homemade look and feel of the finished cards - a perfect last-minute note for a loved one! 

9 - 16
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paper
  2. scissors
  3. embroidery floss
  4. needle
  5. push pin
  6. cork board
  7. tape
  8. markers
  1. Print out the card template and cut one card out. We printed ours on kraft paper, but any paper works!

  2. Lay the cork board or cardboard on a flat surface and place the printed card on top. Follow the template to begin punching small holes into the card with a push pin.

  3. With my card, I decided to create a simple cross-stitch pattern by stitching “x”s to fill in the heart shape.

    Cut a piece of embroidery floss, and knot one end. Thread the other end of the floss into the needle and pull at least 3” of floss through.

    Tip: Don’t worry about having enough floss - you can always add more floss later!

    Start stitching by threading the needle upwards through the top left hole of the heart.

  4. Next, thread the needle next row down, diagonal from the first hole.

  5. From the back of the card, thread the needle up in the hole directly above the second hole.

  6. From the top, thread the needle through the next row down, diagonal from the hole last threaded. If you have threaded correctly the embroidery floss should create an “x” shape!

  7. Continue to sew "x"s in the same order - up towards the top left, diagonally down towards the right, up towards the top right, and diagonally down towards the left. Once you’re finished, you can either tie the end off with a knot, or tape the end down.

    Tip: It’s the easiest to work on the cross stitches row by row.

  8. When you’ve finished cross-stitching the heart, fold your paper in half to create a card. Write a note on the inside and share your homemade card with someone you love!