Swirly Ornaments

Swirly Ornaments

Creating colorful ornaments for the Christmas tree is a great holiday tradition to start with your little ones.

3 - 13
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. clear ornaments (3)
  2. corks (3)
  3. ribbon
  4. pipe cleaners
  5. plastic cups (3)
  6. paint
  7. paper bag or heavy kraft paper - To protect your work surface
  1. Gather all of your supplies and cover your workspace if needed.

  2. Squeeze different colors of paint into one ornament.

  3. Slowly tip the ornament back and forth to mix the colors together. Keep going until the bottom of the ornament is covered. (Add more paint if needed.)

  4. Set the ornament updside down in a cup for 15 minutes to let the extra paint drip out. Then remove the ornament from the cup and turn it right side up to dry overnight.

  5. When the paint is dry, slide the corn into the top of the ornament. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the neck of the ornament and shape it into a hook. You can also tie a loop of ribbon around the neck.

  6. Hang your swirly ornaments on the tree and admire your creation!

  7. The Swirly Paint holiday craft is also available in our shop!