Valentine's Day Tree

Valentine's Day Tree

Foster feelings of love and harmony in your home leading up to Valentine's Day with this simple tradition. Countdown the days until February 14th by writing love notes to family members and attaching to your Valentine tree.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. tree branches - 6-7 dry branches
  2. paper - Various patterns and colours.
  3. glue
  4. string - To attach hearts to tree.
  5. vase or jar - To hold branches.
  6. hole punch - Punch hole in corner of each heart.
  1. Create a variety of hearts to attach to your Valentine's Day tree. Get as creative as you like or keep them simple.

  2. Beginning February 1st have family members write a note to a loved one each day on one of the hearts. Attach each heart to the Valentine tree with string and by February 14th your tree will be filled with love notes.

  3. The tree is created using dry branches arranged in a vase or jar filled with rice, beans, etc.