Science Projects for Kids: 5_8

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  1. Forced Perspective Photos

    Forced Perspective Photos

    Do you think it’s impossible to touch the top of the Eiffel Tower? Or to eat whole building? Or to stand...

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  2. Moody Money Trick

    Moody Money Trick

    Make the faces on dollar bills smile and frown with just a few folds! 

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  3. Floating Egg

    Floating Egg

    Does an egg sink or float in water? What if it does both? In this experiment, make an egg...

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  4. The Reversing Arrow Trick

    The Reversing Arrow Trick

    Discover everyday magic! Big, showy magic tricks are pretty amazing, but you don't really need anything special to make magic happen. In fact, all you...

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  5. Recycled Space Ship

    Recycled Space Ship

    My five-year-old is in love with creating and flying, so we decided to create a space rocket using recycled materials.

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  6. Bubble Valve

    Bubble Valve

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  7. Floating Fish

    Floating Fish

    If you've ever been swimming, you know what happens if you stop moving. You start sinking! You can always spread out your arms and legs,...

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  8. Salty Cave Crystals

    Salty Cave Crystals

    Grow your own salt stalagmites and stalactites in your kitchen! 

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  9. Spinning Penny

    Spinning Penny

    Keep the little ones amazed for hours with this quick and simple lesson on centripetal force! Beware! This project is incredibly fun,...

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  10. Apple Experiment

    Apple Experiment

    Fall is coming, which means apple season is right around the corner. We love eating apple slices as a healthy snack. Try...

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  11. Moon Crater Experiment

    Moon Crater Experiment

    When you look up at the moon at night, it often looks like there are some grey areas and some white areas on...

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  12. Dancing Puppets

    Dancing Puppets

    Levers are simple machines that help us move or lift something. See how levers work by making your own dancing puppet!

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  13. Paper Spinning Helicopters

    Paper Spinning Helicopters

    If you’ve ever been near a maple tree in the late summer or early fall, you’ve probably watched their...

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  14. Unpoppable Bubbles

    Unpoppable Bubbles

    Use this recipe to make unpoppable bubbles!

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  15. Newton's Tower

    Newton's Tower

    Use excess office supplies to experiment with and learn about inertia! 

    Newton’s first law...

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