Science Projects for Kids: 9_16

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  1. The Magic Glass

    The Magic Glass

    Challenge your friend to lift a ball off the table... without touching it!

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  2. Soda Bottle Dripper

    Soda Bottle Dripper

    The Soda Bottle Dripper is great for potted plants and container gardens. A few of these drippers can help keep your houseplants happy while you're...

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  3. Make A Compound Pulley

    Make A Compound Pulley

    This setup is a compound pulley, which combine both fixed and moveable pulleys to increase the mechanical advantage.In a pulley system, a wheel's job is...

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  4. Bendy Straw Siphon

    Bendy Straw Siphon

    Amaze your friends with water that flows uphill. Just make sure you have a cup ready to catch the flow - this siphon moves fast!

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  5. Make A Fixed Pulley

    Make A Fixed Pulley

    This cute little desktop flagpole is a single fixed pulley. A fixed pulley like this one doesn't win you any mechanical advantage, but it can...

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  6. Milk Jug Dripper

    Milk Jug Dripper

    Try the Milk Jug Dripper for easy watering of a backyard veggie garden - just place a dripper next to each plant. Burying the drippers helps...

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  7. Water Squirter

    Water Squirter

    A squirt gun is a a great example of what happens when you apply pressure...

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  8. The Sticky Coin

    The Sticky Coin

    Challenge your friend to balance a coin on a wire hanger hook.. while the hook is pointing down.

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  9. Fluorescent Frosting

    Fluorescent Frosting

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  10. Jellyfish Lantern

    Jellyfish Lantern

    Transform the corner of your room into a jellyfish aquarium! Follow along with this tutorial to create a unique underwater-inspired jellyfish lantern....

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  11. Cranberry Chemistry

    Cranberry Chemistry

    What do cranberries and chameleons have in common? They can both change color! Cranberries contain chemicals called anthocyanins, which change color depending...

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  12. Graphite Circuit

    Graphite Circuit

    Can you complete an LED circuit using a graphite pencil? Learn about the conductive properties of graphite and draw your own design...

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  13. Fluorescent Jell-O!

    Fluorescent Jell-O!

    Did you know that with only a couple of small tweaks, you can turn ordinary Jell-O, into a ghoulish, glowing treat? Read...

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  14. Face Swap Illusion

    Face Swap Illusion

    Can your eyes trick you? See for yourself with this experiment that will leave you questioning what you’re seeing! 

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  15. Egg-in-a-bottle


    Impress your friends and family with this simple, quick, and super-cool science trick! You'll learn...

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