21 Cool Science Projects for Kids: cardboard DIY projects

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  1. Corrugated Cardboard Challenge

    Corrugated Cardboard Challenge

    Corrugated cardboard is a great and sturdy building material. What’s even better is that it’s super easy to come by--just check...

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  2. Blowing in the Wind Experiment

    Blowing in the Wind Experiment

    Try this easy outdoor experiment to see what you can catch flying in the wind!

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  3. Cardboard Puppet Theater

    Cardboard Puppet Theater

    Puppet shows are a wonderful way to extend a child's communication skills. As children assume different voices and take on the different personas of the...

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  4. Water Whistle

    Water Whistle

    My kids have recently taken on a new project - learning to whistle! While they quite haven't mastered the art of whistling...

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  5. Recycled Space Ship

    Recycled Space Ship

    My five-year-old is in love with creating and flying, so we decided to create a space rocket using recycled materials.

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  6. Safari Diorama

    Safari Diorama

    With all the animal toys we have lying around our house, it's a jungle out there! We thought that it'd be fun to transform an...

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  7. Make Your Own Quadrant

    Make Your Own Quadrant

    With this simple device, you can measure the motion of the stars!

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  8. Sundial


    Are you aware of how the sun moves across the sky every day? Making this simple sundial inspired in us all sorts of scientific...

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  9. KiwiCo Crate Kitchen

    KiwiCo Crate Kitchen

    Up-cycle your KiwiCo boxes into a play kitchen!  Make a simple stove with an oven door that opens and closes.  A pretend refrigerator will keep...

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  10. Shadow Puppet Theatre

    Shadow Puppet Theatre

    Learn aboutshadows and light! In this project, you’ll put different shapes in a Ziploc® brand sandwich bag and shine a flashlight to stage a shadow...

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  11. Spinning Spiral Snake

    Spinning Spiral Snake

    When air is heated, it expands as its molecules spread out away from each other. In other words, hot air...

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  12. Car Painting

    Car Painting

    Drive your cars through the paint and let them roll down the ramp to make their own art.

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  13. Pom Pom Snowman

    Pom Pom Snowman

    Bring your favorite snowy activity indoors. With some yarn, beads, and cardboard you can create your very own snowman ornament friends that...

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  14. Exploring Textures

    Exploring Textures

    Children learn about the world through their senses, and its important to make time for them to explore the sense of touch. Just think about...

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  15. Spectroscope


    Study the science behind rainbows with a do-it-yourself spectroscope! You can see all the colors that make...

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