20 Cool Science Projects for Kids: construction paper DIY projects

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  1. Recycled Robots

    Recycled Robots

    Before taking out your weekly recycling to the curb for trash day you might find exactly what you need for your next super fun...

    Science Projects for Kids

  2. Creative Cars

    Creative Cars

    This is a great project for moms with a couple kids. If you have a bunch then you're nominated for saint-hood! There is a lot...

    Science Projects for Kids

  3. Dancing Puppets

    Dancing Puppets

    Levers are simple machines that help us move or lift something. See how levers work by making your own dancing puppet!

    Science Projects for Kids

  4. Toilet Roll Firework Rockets

    Toilet Roll Firework Rockets

    Summer means warm weather, outdoor fun, and fireworks! My kids are obsessed with the decorations and fun of the 4th of July! To...

    Science Projects for Kids

  5. Paper Pumpkin Math

    Paper Pumpkin Math

    Want to add some math practice to the Halloween season? My son and I made this in just a few minutes, and then he was...

    Science Projects for Kids

  6. Cardboard Tube Rocket Ship

    Cardboard Tube Rocket Ship

    My son is always dreaming about flying to the moon in a rocket ship. With this fun and easy craft, we found a way to...

    Science Projects for Kids

  7. Window Greenhouse

    Window Greenhouse

    How do plants grow? In this experiment, you will create a mini greenhouse to learn how plants depend on sunlight and water. Place seeds in...

    Science Projects for Kids

  8. Cardboard Learning Tree

    Cardboard Learning Tree

    We upcycled a large piece of cardboard and turned it into a Christmas tree, added some ornaments with Velcro dots, and then made some learning...

    Science Projects for Kids

  9. Starfish Counting Game

    Starfish Counting Game

    What do starfish and pom-poms have in common? The two can be combined to create a fun, beach-themed math game.

    I cut out two starfish drawings...

    Science Projects for Kids

  10. Button Bat

    Button Bat

    My four-year-old and I love exploring math concepts together. Lately, we've been learning about area and perimeter. 

    For this activity, we talked about how...

    Science Projects for Kids

  11. Sun Prints

    Sun Prints

    Experiment with the sun and create beautiful art with this sun print activity.

    Science Projects for Kids

  12. Coin Roll Finger Puppets

    Coin Roll Finger Puppets

    Coin roll wrappers are perfect for making finger puppets for little hands. I love what puppets do for the imagination and, when you can create...

    Science Projects for Kids

  13. Safari Diorama

    Safari Diorama

    With all the animal toys we have lying around our house, it's a jungle out there! We thought that it'd be fun to transform an...

    Science Projects for Kids

  14. KiwiCo Crate Kitchen

    KiwiCo Crate Kitchen

    Up-cycle your KiwiCo boxes into a play kitchen!  Make a simple stove with an oven door that opens and closes.  A pretend refrigerator will keep...

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  15. Greater Than and Less Than Gator Puppets

    Greater Than and Less Than Gator Puppets

    We have started exploring math concepts with hands on materials at my house. The latest concept is greater than and less than. We started...

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