9 Cool Science Projects for Kids: crayons DIY projects

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  1. Rubbings Collage and Puzzle

    Rubbings Collage and Puzzle

    Create a puzzle by rubbing the outline of small objects onto paper. Challenge your friend to complete the puzzle.

    Science Projects for Kids

  2. Paper Pumpkin Math

    Paper Pumpkin Math

    Want to add some math practice to the Halloween season? My son and I made this in just a few minutes, and then he was...

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  3. Palm Puppets

    Palm Puppets

    These dancing palm puppets originated in India using palm leaves and sticks. You may want to design yours with tradition in mind, or draw a...

    Science Projects for Kids

  4. Invisible Ink

    Invisible Ink

    My kids love secrets and the idea of being super sleuths, so naturally they were thrilled to draw secret messages using invisible ink. This...

    Science Projects for Kids

  5. Sundial


    Are you aware of how the sun moves across the sky every day? Making this simple sundial inspired in us all sorts of scientific...

    Science Projects for Kids

  6. Exploring Textures

    Exploring Textures

    Children learn about the world through their senses, and its important to make time for them to explore the sense of touch. Just think about...

    Science Projects for Kids

  7. What's That Coin Again?

    What's That Coin Again?

    As a kindergarten teacher, I always loved teaching my students math. I got such a kick out of seeing kids' eyes light up when they...

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  8. Halloween Candy Graphs

    Halloween Candy Graphs

    Well, if the kids are getting all that candy for Halloween, we might as well learn a little bit of math before we eat it,...

    Science Projects for Kids

  9. Tessellations


    Create your own tessellation inspired by M.C. Escher’s mathematical art!  

    What's going on?

    Science Projects for Kids