9 Cool Science Projects for Kids: dolls DIY projects

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  1. Bead Ballerina

    Bead Ballerina

    Using wire for these pretty dancers will make a poseable ballerina -- use elastic bead string to make bouncy ones!

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  2. Cardboard Tube Doll Crowns

    Cardboard Tube Doll Crowns

    We like to get fancy around here and my daughter asked if we could make crowns for her dolls. They were scheduled to attend a...

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  3. Fashion Mannequins

    Fashion Mannequins

    Love fashion? Make your own designs out of paper and fabric scraps! You can embellish with sequins, buttons, feathers.... What is your style?

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  4. Mini Box Houses

    Mini Box Houses

    My kids love to play pretend. My daughter especially loves little houses for all of her creatures. This fun little craft lets them design a...

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  5. Doll Fairy Crown

    Doll Fairy Crown

    These lovely crowns are made from pipe cleaners, bits of tissue paper and pretty ribbons. They're so easy to make for a very special...

    Science Projects for Kids

  6. Flower Hair Clips

    Flower Hair Clips

    This is a fun and super easy craft, perfect for kids to make together at a playdate or as a take-home party favor. And you...

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  7. Contact Paper Dolls

    Contact Paper Dolls

    As a little girl, I loved paper dolls. My mom used to buy me thick books filled with different clothes. I'd spend hours carefully punching...

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  8. Mitten Dolls

    Mitten Dolls

    Mittens have got to be the sweetest accessory on a little one. I have so many adorable little mittens; too bad my kids are all...

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  9. Creating Gnome Toys

    Creating Gnome Toys

    My almost-5-year-old daughter is very excited about the idea of making her own toys. Most recently she has enjoyed creating and playing with wooden and...

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