40 Cool Science Projects for Kids: pencil DIY projects

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  1. Tissue Paper Globe

    Tissue Paper Globe

    With just a few everyday supplies, your little ones can make this quick and fun craft to celebrate Earth Day.

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  2. Water Squirter

    Water Squirter

    A squirt gun is a a great example of what happens when you apply pressure...

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  3. Hot Air Spinner

    Hot Air Spinner

    In this experiment, the light bulb is warming the air around it. Warm air is less dense than the colder air around it, so the...

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  4. Paper Pumpkin Math

    Paper Pumpkin Math

    Want to add some math practice to the Halloween season? My son and I made this in just a few minutes, and then he was...

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  5. Electric Jellyfish

    Electric Jellyfish

    Learn about creating static electricity with this simple project. Explore...

    Science Projects for Kids

  6. Mini Box Houses

    Mini Box Houses

    My kids love to play pretend. My daughter especially loves little houses for all of her creatures. This fun little craft lets them design a...

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  7. Dancing Puppets

    Dancing Puppets

    Levers are simple machines that help us move or lift something. See how levers work by making your own dancing puppet!

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  8. Graphite Circuit

    Graphite Circuit

    Can you complete an LED circuit using a graphite pencil? Learn about the conductive properties of graphite and draw your own design...

    Science Projects for Kids

  9. Fingerprint Kit

    Fingerprint Kit

    Here's a fun one for children who love details and like to investigate! Grab a small cloth bag, and make your own fingerprint kit out of...

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  10. Make Your Own Quadrant

    Make Your Own Quadrant

    With this simple device, you can measure the motion of the stars!

    Science Projects for Kids

  11. Balloon Propeller (Newton's Third Law)

    Balloon Propeller (Newton's Third Law)

    Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law of motion says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Using everyday materials, your kids...

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  12. Private Eye

    Private Eye

    This activity is part of an interdisciplinary curriculum called The Private Eye, which encourages students to closely analyze an object using a magnifying lens and...

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  13. Discovering Sound Matters

    Discovering Sound Matters

    We have lots of favorite experiments and demonstrations that we love to play with... and this is absolutely one of them! Who knew that...

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  14. Unpoppable Bubbles

    Unpoppable Bubbles

    Use this recipe to make unpoppable bubbles!

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  15. Tricky Thaumatropes

    Tricky Thaumatropes

    Make an optical toy that will fool your eyes and boggle your mind! When you spin a thaumatrope, the pictures on either side seem to...

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