19 Cool Science Projects for Kids: pipe cleaners DIY projects

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  1. Cotton Bunny

    Cotton Bunny

    Is there anything more cute than a bunny?! Okay, adorable five-year old best friends forever are pretty cute too! My daughter and her bestie made...

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  2. Pony Bead Counting Board

    Pony Bead Counting Board

    In Nursery school, my daughter is all about counting! So, I decided to have her make her own counting board for a fun visual!

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  3. Mini-Bots


    This is a challenging project, but a great introduction to simple circuits. And how fun is it to make something that actually moves and lights...

    Science Projects for Kids

  4. Wooden Spoon Monsters

    Wooden Spoon Monsters

    Stir up some Halloween fun by transforming simple wooden spoons into silly Halloween monsters. Together, my kids came up with a whole crew of motley...

    Science Projects for Kids

  5. Tissue Paper Butterflies

    Tissue Paper Butterflies

    These pretty butterflies are so simple to make, and their cheerfulness is a welcome addition to our windows and our doorways!

    Science Projects for Kids

  6. Doll Fairy Crown

    Doll Fairy Crown

    These lovely crowns are made from pipe cleaners, bits of tissue paper and pretty ribbons. They're so easy to make for a very special...

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  7. Straw Rockets

    Straw Rockets

    How fast do you think a rocket needs to go in order to launch...

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  8. Glitter Slime Monsters

    Glitter Slime Monsters

    Who doesn't love a good blob of slime? My kids and I were excited when we realized we could use clear glue...

    Science Projects for Kids

  9. Pom Pom Snowman

    Pom Pom Snowman

    Bring your favorite snowy activity indoors. With some yarn, beads, and cardboard you can create your very own snowman ornament friends that...

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  10. Dino Ornaments

    Dino Ornaments

    I thought it would be fun to let my son decorate his own small tree this season. Rather than buying ornaments, we created some using...

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  11. Fall Friends

    Fall Friends

    There are so many fun things to discover on a walk outdoor in the fall: acorns and other tree nuts, colorful leaves, fallen sticks,...

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  12. Crystal Snowflake Gift Tags

    Crystal Snowflake Gift Tags

    As my family prepared for the holidays, we wanted to add a special homemade touch to our presents. Borax crystals had been on...

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  13. Battle of the Bubbles

    Battle of the Bubbles

    Are you ready for some bubbly? I'm talking about making your own bubbles, of course! Around our house, we make bubble solutions pretty often. We...

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  14. Number Bead Stringing

    Number Bead Stringing

    This was a great activity to keep little hands busy! My two-year-old loves to count and is constantly counting everything in sight. We...

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  15. Seeing Depth Perception

    Seeing Depth Perception

    Have you ever wondered how your brain understands how far away an object is? Find out how your eyes work together...

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