11 Cool Science Projects for Kids: ribbon DIY projects

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  1. Creative Cars

    Creative Cars

    This is a great project for moms with a couple kids. If you have a bunch then you're nominated for saint-hood! There is a lot...

    Science Projects for Kids

  2. Recycled Jelly Fish

    Recycled Jelly Fish

    Using recycled materials for art is something I try to encourage my children to do on a daily basis. When I handed over some out-dated...

    Science Projects for Kids

  3. Sprinkling Bottle

    Sprinkling Bottle

    Madeleine gets so excited when it's seed planting time...but it's so hard for the little ones to hold up those great big watering cans! ...

    Science Projects for Kids

  4. Foil + Ribbon = Comet

    Foil + Ribbon = Comet

    Foil and ribbon comets are the perfect activity for reusing discarded ribbon after the holidays. If your kids are nuts about space like mine...

    Science Projects for Kids

  5. Doll Fairy Crown

    Doll Fairy Crown

    These lovely crowns are made from pipe cleaners, bits of tissue paper and pretty ribbons. They're so easy to make for a very special...

    Science Projects for Kids

  6. Flower Hair Clips

    Flower Hair Clips

    This is a fun and super easy craft, perfect for kids to make together at a playdate or as a take-home party favor. And you...

    Science Projects for Kids

  7. Fall Friends

    Fall Friends

    There are so many fun things to discover on a walk outdoor in the fall: acorns and other tree nuts, colorful leaves, fallen sticks,...

    Science Projects for Kids

  8. Cardboard Tube Rocket Ship

    Cardboard Tube Rocket Ship

    My son is always dreaming about flying to the moon in a rocket ship. With this fun and easy craft, we found a way to...

    Science Projects for Kids

  9. Mobius Strip Ornament

    Mobius Strip Ornament

    Artists and mathematicians have a long history of developing impossible shapes and forms that can’t exist in reality, but there’s one “impossible”...

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  10. Pine Cone Fairy Family

    Pine Cone Fairy Family

    For weeks, my son and I made plans for a playdate with two girls (!!) from his kindergarten class. He informed me that they...

    Science Projects for Kids