20 Cool Science Projects for Kids: ruler DIY projects

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  1. Football Field: Skip Count By 10s

    Football Field: Skip Count By 10s

    Are you ready for some football? Skip-counting football, that is. Lets use those 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 yard lines to learn...

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  2. Dinosaurs Were HOW Big?!

    Dinosaurs Were HOW Big?!

    You'll never believe how big dinosaurs were. Get your measuring tape and find out for yourself!

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  3. Paper Pumpkin Math

    Paper Pumpkin Math

    Want to add some math practice to the Halloween season? My son and I made this in just a few minutes, and then he was...

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  4. Face Swap Illusion

    Face Swap Illusion

    Can your eyes trick you? See for yourself with this experiment that will leave you questioning what you’re seeing! 

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  5. Halloween Candy Graphs

    Halloween Candy Graphs

    Well, if the kids are getting all that candy for Halloween, we might as well learn a little bit of math before we eat it,...

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  6. Corrugated Cardboard Challenge

    Corrugated Cardboard Challenge

    Corrugated cardboard is a great and sturdy building material. What’s even better is that it’s super easy to come by--just check...

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  7. Thermal Powered Flower

    Thermal Powered Flower

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  8. Lemon Battery

    Lemon Battery

    The potato battery is a classic but did you know that you can also make a battery out of a penny and lemon? In fact,...

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  9. Paper Circuit Menorah

    Paper Circuit Menorah

    My kids recently experimented with the paper circuits project from Tinker Crate. So we decided to put our newfound knowledge to the...

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  10. Capillary Action Rainbow

    Capillary Action Rainbow

    Discover the magic of color mixing and capillary action with this easy and exciting science project! 

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  11. Snowman Ruler

    Snowman Ruler

    Who's better to help measure how much snow is on the ground than Frosty himself?! My kids had a great time making these cute...

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  12. Parachute Toy

    Parachute Toy

    Have you ever ridden a bicycle down a hill and felt the wind on your face? Air is all around you. To move through it,...

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  13. The Great Chase

    The Great Chase

    Whether you pretend that a mouse is going after a block of cheese or you’re chasing after your siblings, this fun...

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  14. Plant Light Maze

    Plant Light Maze

    Have you ever noticed how plants grow toward the light? Build this simple light maze, and watch the plant grow around the...

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  15. Crow Puppets

    Crow Puppets

    We're all bird lovers in our house, and this darling craft is a great way to make a new fine-feathered friend. Plus, this crow puppet...

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