16 Cool Science Projects for Kids: science fair projects

These projects make perfect science fair projects for all ages, from preschool to 8th grade. Explore the science behind everyday products like vinegar and baking soda, or science fair ideas involving properties of chemistry, biology, physics, and more!

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  1. Surface Tension Experiment

    Surface Tension Experiment

    We can see through mesh. We can hear through it, breathe through it, and even pour water through it... So there is no way...

    Science Projects for Kids

  2. Leaf Color Experiment

    Leaf Color Experiment

    With fall around the corner, we've been seeing the leaves in our neighborhood slowly start to change. My kids have had so...

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  3. Electromagnet


    Unlike the magnets that are used on refrigerators, electromagnets are magnets can be turned on and off depending on the flow of electricity. The electricity...

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  4. Paper Plunge Experiment

    Paper Plunge Experiment

    Can you dunk newspaper under water and have it come out dry? Does air take up space? We're always up for a fun...

    Science Projects for Kids

  5. Egg Drop Project

    Egg Drop Project

    How can you get an egg to drop without breaking it? Change the way it drops with this awesome...

    Science Projects for Kids

  6. Water Flow Experiment

    Water Flow Experiment

    Is it possible for water to flow in a line that isn't straight? Can it curve along a line? Can it beat gravity?...

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  7. Bouncy Egg Experiment

    Bouncy Egg Experiment

    Can you make a raw egg bounce? Turn a raw...

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  8. Sink or Float? Nature Experiment

    Sink or Float? Nature Experiment

    Your toddler or preschooler will love to go on a nature walk and then experiment with the items you collect!

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  9. Snow + Hot Water = Melting Experiments

    Snow + Hot Water = Melting Experiments

    Should you find yourself surrounded by snow, try making sculptures by dripping water onto snow. We filled water bottles with water. I was thinking the...

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  10. Candle in the Wind Experiment

    Candle in the Wind Experiment

    Can wind travel around an obstacle? Watch this video and find out!

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  11. Magnetic Experiment

    Magnetic Experiment

    Conversations about the North Pole and our favorite winter movie The Polar...

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  12. Blowing in the Wind Experiment

    Blowing in the Wind Experiment

    Try this easy outdoor experiment to see what you can catch flying in the wind!

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  13. Moon Crater Experiment

    Moon Crater Experiment

    When you look up at the moon at night, it often looks like there are some grey areas and some white areas on...

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  14. Apple Experiment

    Apple Experiment

    Fall is coming, which means apple season is right around the corner. We love eating apple slices as a healthy snack. Try...

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  15. Rainbow Paper Experiment

    Rainbow Paper Experiment

    Did you know that you can create a rainbow with clear nail polish? Try this quick experiment...

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