32 Cool Science Projects for Kids: string DIY projects

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  1. Make A Fixed Pulley

    Make A Fixed Pulley

    This cute little desktop flagpole is a single fixed pulley. A fixed pulley like this one doesn't win you any mechanical advantage, but it can...

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  2. Balloon Rocket

    Balloon Rocket

    Create your very own balloon powered rockets...

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  3. Bead Ballerina

    Bead Ballerina

    Using wire for these pretty dancers will make a poseable ballerina -- use elastic bead string to make bouncy ones!

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  4. Phases of the Moon

    Phases of the Moon

    Learn about why the moon appears to change shape as it rotates around the Earth.

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  5. Jellyfish Lantern

    Jellyfish Lantern

    Transform the corner of your room into a jellyfish aquarium! Follow along with this tutorial to create a unique underwater-inspired jellyfish lantern....

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  6. Water Flow Experiment

    Water Flow Experiment

    Is it possible for water to flow in a line that isn't straight? Can it curve along a line? Can it beat gravity?...

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  7. Tissue Paper Butterflies

    Tissue Paper Butterflies

    These pretty butterflies are so simple to make, and their cheerfulness is a welcome addition to our windows and our doorways!

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  8. Dancing Puppets

    Dancing Puppets

    Levers are simple machines that help us move or lift something. See how levers work by making your own dancing puppet!

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  9. Salty Cave Crystals

    Salty Cave Crystals

    Grow your own salt stalagmites and stalactites in your kitchen! 

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  10. Climbing Sphere Illusion

    Climbing Sphere Illusion

    Mesmerize yourself and others with this amazing illusion. As the slinky twists and spins, it looks like the sphere...

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  11. Make Your Own Quadrant

    Make Your Own Quadrant

    With this simple device, you can measure the motion of the stars!

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  12. Bow and Arrow

    Bow and Arrow

    Build your own bow and arrow and see if you...

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  13. Paper Parachutes

    Paper Parachutes

    It's a bird...it's a plane...wait--could it be? It's a flying kitty! And an airborne...penguin?!

    My kids are fascinated with flight, so we decided to give their...

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  14. Tricky Thaumatropes

    Tricky Thaumatropes

    Make an optical toy that will fool your eyes and boggle your mind! When you spin a thaumatrope, the pictures on either side seem to...

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  15. Crystal Snowflake Gift Tags

    Crystal Snowflake Gift Tags

    As my family prepared for the holidays, we wanted to add a special homemade touch to our presents. Borax crystals had been on...

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