Apple Seed Stars

Apple Seed Stars

Use paper apples and real apple seeds to replicate the star pattern found inside of apples. With some fine-motor practice and persistence, my kids created some simple fall decor to adorn our fridge!

3 - 6
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paper
  2. scissors
  3. apples
  4. knife - (for grownup use only)
  1. Let your child draw a simple apple outline on the red paper and the "flesh" of the apple on the white paper. Cut the two shapes then glue the white inner apple to the red outer apple.

  2. Next, let a grownup use a knife to slice the apple in half and remove the top. My kids oohed and ahhed at the star shape they saw inside, and then removed the five seeds.

  3. Arrange the seeds in a star pattern on your paper apple.

  4. My three-year-old struggled with this but stuck with it. In the end, his pattern didn't look like a star but he got all the seeds together in the middle of the apple and declared success. We also counted our seeds, both in the star pattern and the rest that were inside the real apple. My six-year-old daughter got frustrated because she thought this looked like it would be super easy and was surprised that it wasn't. But she kept at it, too, and finally got the seeds in a star formation.

    A little glue on the seeds held the seeds in place on the paper apple, and we were ready to decorate the fridge with this "delicious" new decor!