Bouncy Egg

Bouncy Egg

Can you make an egg bounce? Try this simple chemistry experiment and see the shell of an egg dissolve! You'll be left with a surprise and a fun, bouncy egg. Check out this video tutorial to see it in action!

4 - 16
Est. Time:
2+ hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. egg
  2. jar
  3. vinegar
  1. Gather your ingredients!

  2. Pour some vinegar into a jar. Make sure you have enough to cover your egg.

  3. Place your egg into the jar and close the lid.

  4. Now you'lll have to wait for 3-4 days for the bouncy egg to be ready! You should start to see the eggshell fizz. Check back to see the progress of your bouncy egg.

  5. Time to play! Drop your egg 3-5 inches from the table. What happens? If you drop it from a higher spot, your bouncy egg may burst! If this happens, you can take a look at the membrane that was holding the egg together.

  6. Try experimenting with different eggs, such as a smaller quail egg. For an extra colorful experiment, add some food coloring into the vinegar to get a bouncy egg.