Button Bat

Button Bat

My four-year-old and I love exploring math concepts together. Lately, we've been learning about area and perimeter. 

For this activity, we talked about how area is the space inside the bat shape and perimeter is the distance around the bat (or its outline).

4 - 6
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. buttons
  2. construction paper (black; cut into a bat shape)
  1. We decided to measure the area and perimeter of the bat with buttons, one of my son's favorite crafting materials.

    The buttons weren't going to give us a perfect measurement of perimeter and area--but there's no need to be too precise with a four-year-old! I just wanted him to understand the basic concepts.

  2. First, we son outlined the bat with a row of buttons. We talked about how this was the "perimeter." 

  3. Then we filled the inside of the bat to find the "area"... This took a lot of buttons. My son observed that the bowl was almost empty when we finished (which led to a nice chat about how the area was larger than the perimeter).

    Ta-da! A fun, creative, no-mess way to explore area and perimeter!