Camping Craft: Mason Jar Lights

Camping Craft: Mason Jar Lights

This is an easy and fun craft to take along when you go camping, or to brighten up any summer night. Colorful tape over mason jars with glow sticks inside create a dramatic effect to light up the night.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. mason jars
  2. colorful tape (duct, packaging, washi, etc.)
  3. scissors
  4. glow sticks or battery operated tea lights
  1. I used jelly sized jars, purchased in a flat of 12 from a local grocery store, but you can use any size jars. The glow sticks are from the dollar store. I used 3 types of colorful tape: duct tape, packaging tape and washi tape. They all look great on the jars. The duct tape requires cutting with scissors. The packaging tape has its own cutting blade. The washi tape was the easiest to work with as it tears easily and doesn't require scissors.

  2. Have your child cut or tear sections of the tape they want to use. My four year old did amazingly well cutting through the very sticky and thick duct tape.

  3. Place tape all over the outside of the jar to cover completely.

  4. My 9-year-old easily wrapped the packaging tape with the cutting blade around the jar.

  5. Once the tape is sticking to the jar, press all around the jar to smooth out the air bubbles in the tape.

  6. SAFETY TIP: Place tape on the bottom of the jar as well. The tape will hold the pieces together if the jar gets dropped and broken.

  7. Wait until dusk, then activate your glow sticks or turn on your battery operated tea lights and place them inside the jars. I love how these turned out! An easy and fun craft by day, and a dramatic way to light up the night.