Cardboard Tube Doll Crowns

Cardboard Tube Doll Crowns

We like to get fancy around here and my daughter asked if we could make crowns for her dolls. They were scheduled to attend a very important birthday party, you see. So we set to work making these royal and regal crowns with some cardboard tubes and a few craft supplies.

2 - 10
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. toilet paper tubes (paper towel or toilet paper tubes)
  2. spray paint (optional)
  3. tulle
  4. paint (optional)
  5. paintbrushes (optional)
  6. hot glue / hot glue gun (for grownup use)
  7. rubber bands
  1. I spray painted the tubes in a lovely gold color. (You could also let your child brush on some paint.)

  2. When the tubes were dry, we hot glued the tulle netting to one side of the tube, on the inside. Over this, we hot glued a rubber band, which was cut. This will serve as a chin strap to keep the crown secured on the doll's head.

  3. My daughter chose a strip of stickers for each crown and decorated them all.

  4. Presenting the Royal Princess Bella in her finest jeweled crown!