Coin Roll Finger Puppets

Coin Roll Finger Puppets

Coin roll wrappers are perfect for making finger puppets for little hands. I love what puppets do for the imagination and, when you can create your own, that's definitely a bonus in my book. We made these in place of a candy Valentine for school friends, but these could be made for any day really.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. coin roll wrappers (preferably penny and dime wrappers)
  2. tacky glue
  3. construction paper
  4. yarn
  5. googly eyes
  6. sequins
  7. markers
  8. pom-poms
  1. Since we were making these to give out for Valentine's Day, we used heart cut-outs for the faces. You could use any shape cut-out or--even better--just cut shapes out of thick paper.

  2. I suggest you have your kids decorate the face first before gluing it to the coin roll. We used googly eyes, stickers, and sequins to make our face and added yarn and ribbon for the hair.

  3. Making these for friends was a lot of fun because my daughter tried to make each heart puppet resemble her friends. So cute!

  4. Once the faces are done, attach them to the coin rolls with tacky glue.

  5. Here they are all packaged up and ready to go. We found these teeny tiny bags to place them in and included some yummy-smelling stickers.