Conversation Heart Math

Conversation Heart Math

Make math equations fun and festive with conversation hearts for Valentine's Day.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. conversation hearts
  2. paper
  3. writing utensil
  1. I made operation signs (+, -, x, =, etc.) for my kids to use and we started out with some simple addition for my 6 year old, where she had to figure out what was missing from the blank dish.

  2. She also wanted to see the written numbers for each equation, so we made some for her to match up with each problem.

  3. Seeing that candy was involved, my 4 year old was inspired to try a few equations himself. This was followed by a big grin when I told him he was doing math problems, just like big sister!

  4. Big brother wanted a turn as well. He's currently learning division so we did a few equations. We all had fun just playing with this and each child could work at their own level of math.

  5. It was fun to see if we could fit 30 hearts into the little dish. And the most fun of all, eating one or two after solving each problem. Oh, and of course you have to read what's on each one, so we snuck in some reading practice, too.