Crow Puppets

Crow Puppets

We're all bird lovers in our house, and this darling craft is a great way to make a new fine-feathered friend. Plus, this crow puppet makes one cool silhouette--perfect for some fun shadow play!

5 - 10
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. yarn (black)
  2. styrofoam balls (2 per bird: 2" balls for a large bird or 1" balls for a small bird)
  3. googly eyes
  4. felt (orange scrap)
  5. stick
  6. glue
  7. scissors
  8. cardboard
  9. ruler or measuring tape (optional)
  10. feathers (black)
  1. Among our list of supplies, we included a measuring tape. (Around here, we do our best learning while we're doing our best playin', so we say yes to honing math skills!)

  2. Maddie measured out a rectangular piece of cardboard 8" long. (8" cardboard is a good length for 2" balls; 6" cardboard will work for 1" balls.)

  3. She cut out her cardboard rectangle, then wrapped yarn around the cardboard lengthwise about 40 times for our large birds (35 times will do for small birds). After going around and around the cardboard, she snipped the end of the yarn.

  4. She then also cut out a much shorter length of yarn (16" total if you're using 2" balls; 12" of yarn if you're using 1" balls).

  5. We used this string to tie the looped yarn together tightly, then took the looped yarn off of the cardboard. Holding the yarn where it was knotted, Maddie cut the opposite (looped) end to make a tassel.

  6. She then tucked a Styrofoam ball into the yarn (where the knot is) and made sure the yarn covered the entire ball. She tied off the other end of the ball with the long piece of string to form the crow's head. Then she made the body by tucking the second ball next to the first, and tied off the other end of the second ball as well. The leftover length forms part of the tail.

  7. Forming the body was a bit tricky! It took a bit of fuss and concentration for little fingers to get the yarn just right around the balls so that the innards weren't showing... finally, it was accomplished! When all was situated, we poked in feathers (easy and fun stuff from here on out)...

  8. ...and cut a diamond shape out of scrap felt. To attach the beak, we put the scissors in the middle of the diamond, and pushed the beak into the Styrofoam head. There! Now our crow can caw!

  9. We added eyes, and poked in a stick somewhere in the underside of the body. Ta-da! A cool new puppet to add to our collection!

  10. Maddie has named him Burdo, and he is quite content to either perch nearby wherever she happens to be working, or hang out on her shoulder while they imagine themselves to be scurvy pirates!