Dino Ornaments

Dino Ornaments

I thought it would be fun to let my son decorate his own small tree this season. Rather than buying ornaments, we created some using small dinosaur toys, glitter, and pipe cleaners. Our inspiration was a store-made ornament a friend of mine spotted last year. Unlike that one, ours aren't fragile and they kept my son entertained for quite some time as we created them.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. toy plastic animals
  2. pipe cleaners
  3. glitter glue
  4. thread
  5. scissors
  6. wire cutter - Adult use only
  1. Gather your supplies. You can use any small toy for the ornaments. We chose dinosaurs because my son loves them and we had some on hand. Parents: Use the thread to add a "hanger" to the toy. Cut a length of thread about 5 inches long. Fold in half and tie about 1 to 1.5 inches from the fold to create a loop. Then tie to the toy body and trim ends.

  2. Add glitter glue to decorate. Place some over the thread to help secure it. I squeezed the glitter glue tube gently and used the tip to spread it.

  3. My three-year-old son had more fun squeezing on a lot of glitter glue! The joy of an art project: Everyone has their own idea and special creation. Once you have finished adding glitter, set the toys aside to let dry.

  4. Let the child select a color of pipe cleaner to decorate their dinosaur. Adults only: Cut small 1 to 2 inch sections from the pipe cleaners using a wire cutter or needle nose pliers. Use the pliers to pinch the cut tips to prevent little fingers from getting poked.

  5. After the glitter glue has dried, wrap a section of pipe cleaner around the dinosaur neck. It might help to curl one end slightly so it will "grab" the toy and then have your child finish looping it around.

  6. Hang your ornaments and enjoy!