Duct Tape City Bus Playset

Duct Tape City Bus Playset

We loved this project because of how open-ended it is. Buses are just one option -- kids can make trains, bucket trucks, or even bicycles. And, because the vehicles are magnetic, the finished product is even portable!

5 - 8
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. duct tape sheets
  2. permanent markers (e.g., sharpies)
  3. markers (optional)
  4. paper
  5. cookie sheet - preferably an old one you don't want anymore
  6. tape (optional)
  7. magnet sheets
  1. Gather your materials. We had two sets of scissors on hand, in case a little adult help was needed.

  2. Peel the backing off about an inch of the duct tape sheet, and then apply that part to one of the magnet sheets. Once that's in place, peel off the rest of the backing and apply the whole sheet. (This makes it easier to place the duct tape sheet.)

  3. Once the duct tape sheets are in place, turn the magnet sheet over and draw rectangles on the back. We used rectangles because they're easy to draw and easy to turn into buses, but feel free to draw other shapes (keeping in mind that more complicated shapes are harder to cut out later). Then cut out the rectangles. (My 7-year-old was fine, but smaller crafters may need a grownup's help.)

  4. Now decorate the vehicles with permanent markers. We ended up with lots of city buses. (Depending on the obsessions at your household, you might create a fleet of garbage trucks or tractors.) Set the vehicles aside to dry for a few minutes.

  5. While the permanent marker is drying, create your playset! Tape paper to an old metal cookie sheet, using scotch tape or leftover bits of duct tape.

  6. Draw roads or streets on the paper with marker.

  7. Now you're all ready to play! The magnet sheets will stick to the cookie sheet under the paper, so you can store the pieces there until next time.