Easy Slime Recipe

Easy Slime Recipe

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. liquid starch (2 parts)
  2. white glue (1 part)
  3. food coloring (optional)
  1. To make mixing and measuring easy, I used clear plastic cups and wooden chopsticks. And don't forget something to cover your work area--this project is easy, but messy!

  2. My six-year-old had no problem using the marks on the plastic cups to measure out 1 part of the glue to 2 parts of the liquid starch.

  3. We decided that we wanted green slime, so we mixed the food coloring in with the glue. Here we have our green glue ready for the liquid starch.

  4. We mixed up our slime right in the plastic cups, but a low-mess alternative is to knead it in a plastic bag to mix. This is a great option for kids who are hesitant to touch the slime with their hands.

  5. My kids, on the other hand, had no problem getting their hands dirty!

  6. We discovered that when we stirred the slime in the cup, it started to solidify. But when we pulled it up out of the cup, it slowly dripped off the chopstick, as if it was melting.

  7. The boys had a great time experimenting with "painting" the slime onto the garbage bag with the chopstick.