Fall Friends

Fall Friends

There are so many fun things to discover on a walk outdoor in the fall: acorns and other tree nuts, colorful leaves, fallen sticks, and ever-present rocks. We've been collecting things on each walk and decided to turn them into an open-ended art project. My kids got their creativity going and created some really cool characters. The best thing is that you can just use whatever craft supplies you have on hand--no need to purchase anything new or special. A little imagination is all you need to get this project going.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. rocks / stones
  2. googly eyes
  3. scissors (optional)
  4. glue (liquid or stick)
  5. hot glue / hot glue gun (optional, for grownup use)
  6. pom-poms
  7. ribbon
  8. pipe cleaners
  1. After my children collected various interesting leaves, nuts, rocks, and sticks on a couple of different walks, I assembled them all together along with a varied tray of art supplies and some glue. You can use whatever it is you have on hand. Here are some things we used: googly eyes, wiki sticks, ribbon, pipe cleaners, sticky colored tape, pompoms, and beads.

  2. Then my kids got to work being creative and silly. And I did, too. I loved doing this project with them. Some of our materials didn't want to stay stuck with regular liquid glue or a glue stick, so I reinforced them with a glue gun when the kids asked for help.

  3. Each child chose different materials to work with and all of the characters turned out very unique.

  4. My three-year-old used a paint brush to put glue on the pieces that he was attaching to a large, flat rock.

  5. Here are our results. Naturally, we named them all. Don't you just love the ones with the wiki stix glasses? Those are my favorites. What creative characters will you and your kids come up with?