Fingerprint Kit

Fingerprint Kit

Here's a fun one for children who love details and like to investigate! Grab a small cloth bag, and make your own fingerprint kit out of things you probably have at home.

5 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. pencil (graphite)
  2. scotch tape
  3. sand paper
  4. magnifying glass
  5. small container (with lid)
  6. old make-up brush
  7. paper (white)
  1. We brought in a piece of glass for play, too, but you could use any glass or mirrors.

  2. First we sharpened the pencil, then Madeleine got right on making graphite powder. All she had to do was to rub the pencil in small strokes, back and forth, on the sandpaper. Be careful not to breathe it in!

  3. When she had little piles, she bent the paper, and dumped it into the container.

  4. After repeating few times, she decided that she had enough powder.

  5. Time to get to work! To test it, we made a circle on a paper, then had different people (suspects!) come and put a fingerprint on the glass, over the circle on the page.

  6. Maddie powdered the brush,

  7. and swirled it back and forth over the glass and fingerprint.

  8. We pulled out a piece of tape, and I showed her how to 'tab' the end, so that she could lift off the fingerprint easily. She pressed down the tape, rubbed it all over,

  9. then lifted the tape (and the fingerprint!) and stuck it onto the piece of paper. Excellent!

  10. Out came the magnifying glass, and into the great blue yonder she went!