Football Field: Skip Count By 10s

Football Field: Skip Count By 10s

Are you ready for some football? Skip-counting football, that is. Lets use those 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 yard lines to learn how to count by tens forwards and backwards, practice some measuring skills, then play a fun game!

3 - 7
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. cardboard
  2. ruler
  3. scissors ((optional))
  4. ruler or measuring tape
  5. markers
  6. paper
  1. This is a super easy but fun way to celebrate the return of fall football and sneak in some math. Assemble your supplies and get ready for kickoff!

  2. Have your child first mark in pencil evenly spaced dots across the paper for the lines in 10 yard increments. You will need 10 lines. Our paper was about 55 inches long, so we marked every 5 inches. Then have your child use a straight edge and a marker to draw the yard lines.

  3. Have your child write in the numbers, starting with the 50 yard line in the middle and going down on each side toward the end zones. This practices counting backwards by 10's as well. My son wasn't aware that he could do that and was pleasantly surprised to find that he could.

  4. If you're like me, you will then ask your husband if he remembers how to make those little paper footballs we all made in school. Watch as he gets a faraway look of nostalgia, recalling that he spent nearly all of his time in junior high school making and shooting little paper footballs around various classrooms with his friends. Give him a piece of brown paper and watch as he folds it in half, in half again, and finally, in half a third time. Call the kids over to watch Daddy's cool trick.

  5. Watch as he makes a triangle fold at the top of the paper football.

  6. Ooohh and aaahh as he tucks the bit of paper in at the end and marvel at the amazing little paper football with your kids. Then give your kids some paper and let them make a zillion little paper footballs that they will shoot into your cereal tomorrow morning and every morning hereafter until they turn 17, or in the case of boys, 30.

  7. Now set up your paper football field and show the kids how to stand the football up and flick it across the field. Note the yard line that it lands closest to. See who can flick it the farthest, who can flick it to the yard line that they first call out, make goal posts with your hands and see if they can flick their football through the goal posts.

    Note: This should always be followed with a touchdown dance.