Greater Than and Less Than Gator Puppets

Greater Than and Less Than Gator Puppets

We have started exploring math concepts with hands on materials at my house. The latest concept is greater than and less than. We started our math lesson by creating an egg carton alligator puppet and ended up learning about the greater than and less then symbol.

4 - 8
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paint
  2. paintbrushes
  3. marker - (black)
  4. yarn - (green)
  5. hole punch
  6. egg carton (2) - (cardboard)
  7. glue
  8. stickers (1 sheet)
  9. construction paper (1 sheet) - white
  1. We started by painting the bottoms of two egg cartons white and the tops of two egg cartons green.

  2. When the paint had dried, we used a hole punch to place a row of five holes along the sides of the white egg cartons and green egg cartons.

  3. We cut of one row off the end of each of the white sections. It made it easier to fit the while sections into the green ones, One row of the cut off rows was saved to use for the gator's eyes. Each white section of the carton was then placed into the green section.

  4. The green yarn was then woven down through first hole in the back of the green carton and through the white carton. We wove the yarn in and out of the carton until reached the end of that side. The yarn was then passed though the hole on the front of the other side of the carton. My son then finished stitching the second side of the green carton to the white carton. When he had reached the end of the carton. I tied of the end of the yarn.

  5. The final step in creating the gator puppet was to color black eyeball on this eyes with a marker and attach them to the top of one of the green cartons.

  6. Colored dots were then placed on large piece of white paper. We put dots on, but you could use any sticker and any amount of stickers in your two groups as long as they aren't the same.

  7. We put the paper up a stand, but you could keep yours on the floor. JDaniel held the puppet's mouth areas opened and closed and I told me about talked about how to hold the gator's mouth to show that he doesn't like to eat less than he has too when their are a small number of dots.

  8. The gator holds his mouth open to gobble up the largest number available. We had a lot of fun opening and closing the gators moth.