Mitten Dolls

Mitten Dolls

Mittens have got to be the sweetest accessory on a little one. I have so many adorable little mittens; too bad my kids are all about the gloves. I can understand, when there are rocks to be thrown, trees to be climbed and bugs to be caught--who wants four connected fingers?! So what are we to do with all of these sweet mittens we have? Well, make sweet little mitten people, of course.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. mittens
  2. beans (coffee beans or any other dried bean)
  3. cotton balls
  4. large wood craft ball
  5. markers
  6. yarn
  7. tacky glue
  1. We used coffee beans to fill our mitten people because we liked the idea of them also making the house smell nice, especially if we give these as gifts. However, you could also just use plain dried beans or rice. This gives the dolls the heavy weight they need to stand upright.

  2. Emma got to work filling the mittens. She used a spoon to just scoop the coffee beans right in. This was the highlight of the craft for her.

  3. We topped the mittens off with a few cotton balls, leaving room for our wooden heads.

  4. Once the mitten was filled, Emma folded over the top to become a little turtleneck sweater.

  5. We used a little tacky glue on the bottom of the wooden ball and placed it snugly on top of the cotton balls. Emma added faces next, and at this point decided the mitten people were going to be her and her little brother.

  6. With some more glue and a few strands of yarn, the mitten people (aka my children) got beautiful brown locks to show off.

  7. What a sweet (and yummy smelling) addition to our holiday decor! I think we will be making caroling mitten friends to give away as gifts this winter season.