Moving Hot and Cold Water

Moving Hot and Cold Water

Is it true that cold things move more slowly? Even something that isn't alive, like water? Let's find out!

4 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. two bowls
  2. hot water
  3. cold water
  4. food coloring
  1. We love doing science projects outside in the summertime! For this one, we just set up our little tray that usually holds our paints, and set to work. One bowl of hot water, and one for cold.

  2. A drop or two of red for the hot water....

  3. and then a drop or two for cold.

  4. Let's see what's happening... Hmm.... seems the hot is traveling a lot faster...

  5. Count for a minute.....

  6. ...sing a song...

  7. ...and how did it turn out? The red (hot) definitely has mixed more! So water moves! Actually, the molecules move... temperature is a measurement of energy, it seems to us that 'hot' makes it move more, but the speed (activity) of the movement of the molecules is really what makes it feel different! The higher the energy, the higher the temperature. Cool!