Natural Mosquito Repellent

Natural Mosquito Repellent

Nothing ruins a great picnic celebration like mosquito bites. This year, I'm going to make some natural mosquito repellent that also serves as decoration so that my family and I can enjoy the weekend festivities without any unwanted visitors. I was surprised how easy the DIY mosquito repellent jars were to make, and that all I needed were a few ingredients from the produce section of the grocery store. Once I had the lemons, limes, and rosemary, it only took me a few minutes to make each container. Plus, I could make them before the party and just screw the lid on tight until it was party time.

9 - 16
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. mason jar
  2. lemons
  3. limes
  4. rosemary
  5. floating tea light candle
  6. water
  7. knife
  1. Gather the materials you need to make your natural mosquito repellent.

  2. Slice up the lemons and the limes. Have a grownup assistant help with this step.

  3. Put a few sprigs of rosemary in the jar.

  4. Fill the water about 3/4 of the way up with water.

  5. Place a few slices of lemon and lime on top of the water.

  6. Place a floating tea light candle on top. Your DIY mosquito repellent is ready! Now, when it's time to party, all you have to do is light the candle.

    Use them at your next picnic, backyard party, or camping trip to keep those pesky mosquitoes away. It's the natural essential oils in the plants that make this DIY mosquito repellent effective. They don't like them, which means they won't be hanging around your party.