Nature Hunt Treasure Stick

Nature Hunt Treasure Stick

Ah, another "let's roam the woods" activity! My kids love the wandering, the exploring, the discoveries...and I love seeing my children delight in all their fantastic finds (tree pods! caterpillars!). Here is a lovely bit of art for displaying favorite discoveries.

3 - 7
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. yarn (one yard or so)
  2. y-shaped stick
  3. leaves
  1. Our family had a day of playing in our nearby mountains planned and I had a few exploring ideas in mind, so I tossed into my pack a few different colors of yarn. The only other things we would need would be found by roaming the paths and sides of the stream...

  2. While Trev and my husband hunted for and and collected firewood, Madeleine and I wandered, looking for things that interested us. Every few minutes, my daughter would exclaim, "Oooh, look, Mama, I found some (fill in the blank: moss/berries/grass/pretty leaves!)"

  3. When we were very pleased with our collection and had found some Y-shaped sticks, we went back to our table to make our art.

  4. We wound yarn around the open part of our sticks...

  5. ...tied off the yarn, and wove in our treasures.

  6. I asked Maddie what her favorite part of this project was. "All of it," she said.

    "But did you like looking for things to add, or making something pretty...?" I asked.

    "All of it! I liked all of it," she reiterated. Yes--roaming the woods together, talking and uncovering, then creating something beautiful... she's right. All of it. All of it is our favorite.