Paper Pumpkin Math

Paper Pumpkin Math

Want to add some math practice to the Halloween season? My son and I made this in just a few minutes, and then he was off to practice his problem-solving skills. My daughter wanted a turn next because it looked like we were having fun playing with the pumpkins.

3 - 7
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. construction paper (1 large sheet of black paper, several sheets of orange)
  2. post-it notes
  3. crayons
  4. scissors
  5. paper
  6. ruler
  7. pencil
  1. I made a pumpkin template (seen in white here) and assembled all of our supplies.

  2. My son traced the pumpkin template. Make as many pumpkins as you need, depending on the equations you will be working on.

  3. Next, he cut out the paper pumpkins. I helped with this step so that we could move on to our actual math problems.

  4. Next, we used a ruler to draw two large boxes on our black paper with our white crayon.

  5. I used a pad of sticky notes to write equations, one per page.

  6. He started with the first equation, putting the correct number of pumpkins in each box to match the equation on the sticky note.

  7. Then he wrote the correct answer on the sticky note.

  8. When he was done, we checked his answers to each equation. We concluded that pumpkins plus squares plus equations on notes equals a fun way to do math. Happy Halloween!