Pine Cone Fairy Family

Pine Cone Fairy Family

For weeks, my son and I made plans for a playdate with two girls (!!) from his kindergarten class. He informed me that they were "really into art, Mom," so we should have some projects to do (what? a playdate without Star Wars Legos?? what to do???). We spent the previous weekend collecting pine cones from our backyard, but they were all falling apart and HUGE. So, admittedly I went to Michael's to buy more! Fortunately, I had some supplies leftover from daughter's 4th birthday party. With these materials at hand, I envisioned a beautiful woodland fairy family, which would be fun for the kids to decorate and lovely adorning a holiday table.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. pine cones
  2. felt
  3. pipe cleaners
  4. wired ribbon (optional)
  5. wooden doll heads
  6. markers
  1. We affixed the heads onto the pine cones first. Some of us glued the head directly onto the pine cone; for others, the tip of the pine cone wasn't a cooperative shape--so used a pipe cleaner poked through the top and wrapped around the pine cone.

  2. The pipe cleaners created cute arms, so even if we didn't need them to hold the head on, the kids wanted to wrap them around the pine cone for arms.

  3. After getting the heads on, we moved on to decorating the rest of the fairies. That included gluing on those cute little hats. I know, you're probably rolling yours eyes right now -- "really?? You want me to SEW a fairy hat?!" Yeah, I hear you. That's what my husband said when I stayed up 'til all hours sewing 30 of them for the birthday party (but those are the irrational things that mothers do for their children's birthday parties). Here's the deal: they are super easy-- you just cut a triangle out of felt and sew up one side with embroidery thread and a needle. But if you don't have thread or a needle, I bet you could wing it with a stapler or glue. Or skip the hat and just cover their noggins with a piece of felt, yarn, a rolled up pipe cleaner--or just color / paint on some hair. I'm sure your kids could come up with a million more creative ideas and would never miss the silly gnome hat.

  4. I would, however, advise picking up some sparkly wire ribbon if you're ever at a craft store. It was very easy to manipulate for all of my 4-6 year old crew and quite a hit, especially when used as a crown. Meet our Fairy Queen!

  5. Then there was a clamor for "MARKERS!" and the kids got to work on faces and hair.

  6. I gave our gang free rein on all the finishing touches, so some decided to add wings with felt and pipe cleaners (naturally--they're fairies, after all). I just love the range of personalities in our little Pine Cone Fairy Family! Two of them went home with their creators, and the other two are nestled in beside the gingerbread houses on our table.