Rainy Day Counting

Rainy Day Counting

Stuck inside on a rainy day? Practice counting with this rain themed activity.

2 - 5
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paper
  2. markers
  3. objects to count - garden stones, cotton balls, cheerios, etc.
  1. First, draw an umbrella on 10 pieces of paper and number them from 1 to 10. I used index cards because that is what I had on hand. Let the kids decorate the umbrellas with markers. Next, find something to count with. We used blue garden stones (rain drops) and cotton balls (clouds).

  2. Put the cards in order from 1-10 (1-5 for younger children.). Count the raindrops and put the corresponding number under each umbrella. When the umbrellas are full, you win!

  3. A fun twist to this activity is to put umbrellas 1-6 in order. Roll a die and put raindrops under the umbrella with the number you rolled. When all of the umbrellas are full, you win!

  4. It is also fun to pretend that cotton balls are the clouds. Count and put the clouds under (or on top of) each umbrella. Mix it up by using cards 1-6 with the cotton balls already on them. Roll the die and take the clouds off of that number umbrella. When the clouds are gone, you win (and hopefully it is done raining outside too)!