Sensory Lab

Sensory Lab

My son has always had an interest for the kitchen. Whether I’m cooking dinner or baking cookies, you can be sure that he’ll come running when he gets a whiff of something delicious. I loved the idea of encouraging his curiosity in the kitchen and introducing him to some herbs and spices we use in our everyday cooking. We created our very own mini sensory lab and my son loved exploring all the different ingredients we use in our home cooked meals!

3 - 16
Est. Time:

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. plastic bags
  2. masking tape
  3. needle
  4. jar - (or container)
  5. cotton pads
  6. cinnamon
  7. pine leaves
  8. cloves
  9. peppermint extract
  10. vanilla extract
  11. basil leaves - (chopped)
  12. sage
  13. star anise