Sidewalk Constellations and Mini-Books

Sidewalk Constellations and Mini-Books

We had fun learning about constellations in our driveway, then making mini-books to reinforce learning.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. sidewalk chalk
  2. rocks / stones
  3. paper
  4. printer
  1. We took our sidewalk chalk out to the driveway, collected some rocks and we were ready to make some constellations.

  2. We wrote the names of our constellations as well for some spelling and handwriting practice.

  3. The rocks represent the stars. We counted each star in the constellations from our favorite kids astronomy book and placed the stones on the driveway, then drew the chalk lines to connect them.

  4. We had fun with some pretend constellations, too. Here my daughter is using her Goldilicious book by Victoria Kann to make a unicorn constellation.

  5. This inspired us to make up some other constellations, like this Birthday Cake Constellation.

  6. I took pictures of all of our constellations for the next step of our project.

  7. Back indoors, we printed the constellation photos to make a little book. We added written information about each one.

  8. I added a few more drawn constellations for the kids to explore...

  9. ...and another page for them to add a constellation of their own. We've had these mini-books for quite some time now and the kids never tire of looking at them. It's a great way to reinforce their learning. For even more fun, take the books outside at night and see if you can find the constellations in the sky.