Sink or Float? Nature Experiment

Sink or Float? Nature Experiment

Your toddler or preschooler will love to go on a nature walk and then experiment with the items you collect!

2 - 5
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. sticks, rocks, leaves, flowers
  2. bowl of water
  1. Take a nature walk and hunt for things to collect with your little one. This was the best part for me because she was so excited to find anything and everything. Her reaction to each and every leaf was as if she had found gold!

  2. Hunt for things like flowers, sticks, rocks, leaves, acorns, and other treasures.

  3. Take the items back home and talk about which items your child thinks will sink and which items will float. You can put them in piles accordingly or just talk about it and dive in like we did.

  4. "It floats!" she cheered for most of our items. Next she came up with the idea to stack all of the things on top of one leaf to see if it would sink it. It is so much fun to watch children this age experiment with things. She had so much fun trying it.