Snowman Ruler

Snowman Ruler

Who's better to help measure how much snow is on the ground than Frosty himself?! My kids had a great time making these cute snowman rulers out of paint sticks. We got some practice counting and writing numbers and they have one more reason to look forward to the next snowfall!

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paint sticks
  2. white paint
  3. sponge brush
  4. markers
  5. felt - orange, black, and red
  6. scissors
  7. tacky glue
  8. googly eyes
  1. Gather all materials. You could use construction paper instead of felt, but we wanted our snowman to last a long time with less danger of tearing. We got our paint sticks from Home Depot and they were more than willing to give us enough for all the kids.

  2. The kids had fun painting their paint sticks. We did two coats of paint to help cover the stick more. I tried our white acrylic paint to see if it would cover more, but there wasn't much difference and I prefer to use the washable paints whenever possible with the kids.

  3. After the sticks dried, I used a ruler to make inch marks along the side of the stick using the indented side to mark where the head of the snowman would be. Then, I helped the kids write their numbers from 1-9 on each mark. My 4-year-old still had a little trouble with this, but my 5-year-old was able to make one on his own.

  4. Then, we cut a hat and nose out of felt and the kids glued them to the top of the painter's stick along with some googly eyes.

  5. We cut thin strips of red fleece about 9 inches long and frayed the ends to make it look more like a scarf. You could also use felt for this part. We just happened to have some extra red fleece lying around.

  6. The kids tied their scarves on around the indented part of the painter's stick. This part took awhile and great fine motor skill practice. My 4-year-old is working on tying his shoes so we practiced this step a few times.

  7. The kids are really looking forward to the next snow so we can take our sticks out and measure how many inches we get. In the meantime, these have made great decorations standing in little vases on their dressers.