Vinegar, Baking Soda, and...Balloon Eye Droppers?

Vinegar, Baking Soda, and...Balloon Eye Droppers?

This is a very basic experiment: Watching the reaction of vinegar to baking soda. I thought this would be the perfect activity for little miss V, at age 2.5, to start her first science experiment!

I did not have eyedroppers lying around my house for this project so I came up with a tool that is easier for a toddler to use, while providing the means to complete this experimentballoons as eye droppers!

Est. Time:

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. baking soda (small box)
  2. food coloring
  3. white distilled vinegar
  4. balloons
  5. sharp instrument to pierce ballon
  6. funnel
  7. pan
  1. Start by gathering your ingredients, then dump out the box of baking soda onto the tray. This is a fun-filled step to include your little one inwhat child doesn't love dumping stuff?!

  2. Using a funnel, fill a balloon with vinegar up to the stem of the balloon. Drop in food coloring into the balloon. (Be careful not to fill it too far or you will not be able to tie it off.)

  3. Next, tie off your balloon. Then repeat these steps for each balloon/color.

    While I was filling the balloons, V had tremendous fun juggling around the filled ones!

  4. Next pierce a hole on top of the balloon ball. The hole will make it easy to squirt the vinegar mixture out. I tried first with a pin and the hole was too small for V to push the liquid out, so I ended up using a corn skewer to make a bigger hole.

  5. Finally, give your child the dyed vinegar-filled balloon. V loved squirting the balloons and watching the vinegar fizz and fizzle.