Water Whistle

Water Whistle

My kids have recently taken on a new project - learning to whistle! While they quite haven't mastered the art of whistling yet,  I thought it would be neat to introduce them to whistling with just a straw and a cup of water! We made this simple water whistle, and they've loved tooting along to their favorite songs.

3 - 16
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. straws
  2. cup
  3. water
  4. scissors
  5. tape - (optional)
  6. cardboard - (optional)
  1. Use scissors to make angled cuts on a straw.

    Tip: Make sure the straw is still intact and that you're not cutting all the way through the straw.

  2. Optional: To secure the straw, cut a piece of cardboard into a right triangle. Match the right angle to where the straw folds and tape the cardboard onto the straw. Make sure the tape doesn't cover the open slit on the straw!

  3. We worked with different-sized straws to test out unique whistle sounds. What sounds can you make with your whistle?