What Soda Does to Teeth

What Soda Does to Teeth

Why is soda bad for your teeth? My kids keep asking why they can't have more soda. The tooth fairy was kind enough to lend us some baby teeth for us to experiment with, and we got some very interesting results.

5 - 9
Est. Time:
2+ hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. baby teeth - or eggs
  2. glass cup or jar
  3. sodas - dark sodas cause more dramatic results
  4. water
  5. magnifying glass
  1. Fill a jar with your favorite soda. We have three favorite sodas in our house, so we put in Sprite, Dr Pepper, and Coke. Then fill a jar with water.

  2. Put one tooth inside each jar. (If the tooth fairy isn't kind enough to leave teeth for you, you can use eggs for this experiment...just make sure to keep the eggs refrigerated.)

  3. Over the next several days, take each tooth out and observe it under a magnifying glass. Touch the teeth to feel any differences in them. Describe what it feels like.

  4. After observing the teeth each day, write down the results of that day's observation.

  5. After you've observed the teeth for several days, talk about the end results. (Our family observed for five days; at the end of the five days, the teeth looked very gross!)

  6. The teeth that had been in Coke and Dr Pepper were brown and you could feel the difference. The tooth that had been in Sprite was slightly yellow and pitted. The tooth in the water was the big surprise. Because the water wasn't filtered, it had started to grow things from the bacteria found naturally in your mouth and in the water. It was a good reminder that you need to brush your teeth even if you've had "healthy food"!