34 Cool 3 to 5 years old DIY projects

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  1. Lego Puzzle Cards

    Lego Puzzle Cards

    For my six-year-old, the best toy is a brand-new LEGO set to build. He loves to carefully follow the instructions, which is why I was...

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  2. Celebrate World Turtle Day with this Craft for Preschoolers

    Celebrate World Turtle Day with this Craft for Preschoolers

    Here's a fun little turtle craft to honor our little friends!

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  3. Nature's Alphabet

    Nature's Alphabet

    Wandering in nature is a fine pastime, hmm?  You can find all sorts of familiar shapes and symbols. For this adventure we were looking for...

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  4. Telescope Spotting Game

    Telescope Spotting Game

    Using a homemade telescope, kids play a fun game that hones their artistic imaginative and memory skills. This game can be played with friends and...

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  5. Name Necklace

    Name Necklace

    As soon as my daughter could write her name she wanted it on everything she owned. So, crafts that she can personalize with her name...

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  6. Robot Alphabet Cruncher

    Robot Alphabet Cruncher

    Learn letters and letter sounds while you feed the robot to keep him happy.

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  7. Tape City

    Tape City

    I love this activity because it's the easiest thing to pull out after dinner or on a rainy day and keeps O entertained and imagining...

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  8. Watercolor Fish

    Watercolor Fish

    I love the way my daughter draws her fish. I had to capture it on one of her beautiful watercolor abstracts. They turned into the...

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  9. Button Bat

    Button Bat

    My four-year-old and I love exploring math concepts together. Lately, we've been learning about area and perimeter. 

    For this activity, we talked about how...

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  10. Baby Bird Alphabet Game

    Baby Bird Alphabet Game

    Tweet Tweet! Feed the baby bird his worms as you practice letters and letter sounds.

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  11. Alphabet Train

    Alphabet Train

    Looking for some way to keep your kiddos happy while you get dinner ready? After a particularly rousing episode of Blue's Clues, O wanted to...

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  12. Indoor Fishing

    Indoor Fishing

    Your child will not be able to resist this indoor fishing game!

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  13. Superhero Wooden Peg Dolls

    Superhero Wooden Peg Dolls

    Your little superheros wil love creating their own wooden super-dolls! They are fun and easy to decorate, and are a great prop for pretend...

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  14. Alphabet Flower Garden

    Alphabet Flower Garden

    Make a beautiful flower garden while learning letters and letter sounds!

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  15. Color Match Caterpillar

    Color Match Caterpillar

    It's so fun when children start learning new things. My two-year old is learning his colors right now, and it's fun to see how excited...

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