32 Cool Embroidery DIY projects

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  1. Personalized Luggage Tag

    Personalized Luggage Tag

    With summer vacations showing up on the calendar, this handmade luggage tag is perfect to make right now. A personalized tag will...

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  2. Creating Softies from Patterns

    Creating Softies from Patterns

    This craft is great for developing motor skills and so fun to create with your child. Sew softies!

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  3. Felt Finger Puppet

    Felt Finger Puppet

    Make simple finger puppets with commonly found materials around your home.

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  4. Kids Sewing Kit

    Kids Sewing Kit

    Do you have a young person who would enjoy a sewing kit? It's a fantastic project that will give your child endless craft possibilities!

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  5. Creating Gnome Toys

    Creating Gnome Toys

    My almost-5-year-old daughter is very excited about the idea of making her own toys. Most recently she has enjoyed creating and playing with wooden and...

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  6. A Sprinkling of Love Throughout the Day

    A Sprinkling of Love Throughout the Day

    On Valentine's day spread these hearts around the house - on pillows, in lunch bags, hidden in shoes and next to favorite toys. A sprinkling...

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  7. A Sewing Kit for a Little Sewer

    A Sewing Kit for a Little Sewer

    It's time to make a Little Sewer Kit with your kids! Fill it up with fun buttons, fabrics and other sewing supplies and watch how...

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  8. Back to School Pencil Topper

    Back to School Pencil Topper

    Get ready for school by creating some cute animal faces to top your pencils! Follow along this tutorial & print out the...

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  9. Felt and Paper Jester Hat

    Felt and Paper Jester Hat

    Ring them bells! This easy to create hat makes for a great dance party accoutrement. All you need is some felt and paper from around...

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  10. Paper Straw Necklace

    Paper Straw Necklace

    This is super easy to make a fun accessory and no beads needed!

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  11. Tiny Bead Confetti Bracelet

    Tiny Bead Confetti Bracelet

    I never thought to use these little beads as bracelets until my daughter started threading them onto string. So perfect!

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  12. Dream Catcher

    Dream Catcher

    Dreamcatchers are a great craft for an older child. Threading and pattern-making with beads are always a big hit.

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  13. Music Sheet Banner

    Music Sheet Banner

    Homemade party decor is so sweet and special. This banner (which my five-year-old made for Grandma) is made from recycled music sheets. Each letter was...

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  14. Button Hairpins

    Button Hairpins

    These darling hairpins couldn't be simpler to make! Do you like ducks? Dragonflies? Hearts? Anything is possible!

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  15. Pipe Cleaner Wrapped Bracelets

    Pipe Cleaner Wrapped Bracelets

    My daughter is at the age where she is very interested in friendship bracelets, but not quite old enough to get the braiding techniques...

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