10 Cool Scavenger DIY projects

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  1. Scavenger Hunt Make & Find

    Scavenger Hunt Make & Find

    Most of our posts here are about ways to engage WITH your child in a creative challenge. But sometimes, you just need an activity...

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  2. A Sprinkling of Love Throughout the Day

    A Sprinkling of Love Throughout the Day

    On Valentine's day spread these hearts around the house - on pillows, in lunch bags, hidden in shoes and next to favorite toys. A sprinkling...

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  3. Nature Faces

    Nature Faces

    There's something about looking for treasures that turns an ordinary walk around the neighborhood into something exciting and magical. Especially when you turn your treasures...

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  4. Paint with dots! Lotsa lotsa dots!

    Paint with dots! Lotsa lotsa dots!

    Have your wee ones go on a circle hunt in the house to look for household items that would produce a circle. You can show...

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  5. Make a Time Capsule

    Make a Time Capsule

    Fill a date-marked glass or plastic container with items like  photos, sea shells, a bag of sand from a memorable vacation, locks of hair from...

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  6. St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt

    St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt

    I think treasure hunts should happen for all occasions, and I think my children agree! This St. Patrick's Day treasure hunt was so much fun...

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  7. The Golden Egg

    The Golden Egg

    When trying to use fewer plastic eggs for Easter, my kids and I made a few alternatives. This was for sure the biggest hit at...

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  8. Zoo Scavenger Hunt

    Zoo Scavenger Hunt

    One of my first purchases when I officially became a stay-at-home mom was a family pass to the city zoo. Hands down, it's one of...

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  9. Word Hunt

    Word Hunt

    Children love to collect things: rocks, Matchbox cars, stickers. So it makes sense that they might be motivated to learn how to read new words...

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  10. Seek-N-Find Alphabet Tube

    Seek-N-Find Alphabet Tube

    This alphabet seek-n-find tube is a great tool for little kids to use to learn their letters and have fun doing it! I used...

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