43 Cool Thanksgiving crafts

These Thanksgiving crafts are a fun and educational way to learn about this classic holiday!

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  1. No-Bake Pumpkin Cookies

    No-Bake Pumpkin Cookies

    We love fall, but not the warm weather that sticks around for most of the season, making baking unenjoyable. These tasty, tiny no-bake treats...

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  2. Raffia Pumpkins

    Raffia Pumpkins

    Lovely raffia, jute, or twine pumpkins--made just like papier mache. Here's a project that my daughter and I loved creating together!

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  3. Kindness Wreath

    Kindness Wreath

    A ribbon is added to a wreath each time a family member points out an act of kindness. When the wreath is full, we decide...

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  4. Thanksgiving Jar

    Thanksgiving Jar

    Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for the harvest and express gratitude. Sounds so easy, but as I am running through the aisles of...

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  5. Acorn Cap Jewels

    Acorn Cap Jewels

    I love the natural art materials the earth provides this time of year! My four-year-old daughter and I have been having a great time making...

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  6. "I'm Thankful for You" Cards

    Thanksgiving always gives me warm fuzzies. The family gatherings, the irresistible comfort food--it makes me smile just thinking about it. When my oldest son was...

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  7. Thanksgiving Tree

    Thanksgiving Tree

    I will be the first to admit: There are lots of things to be thankful for, yet I rarely acknowledge them. I always seem to...

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  8. Popcorn Turkey

    Popcorn Turkey

    Create a new Thanksgiving tradition with a turkey the kids can carve! This cute turkey is made with just popcorn and tissue paper and takes...

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  9. Corn Husk Doll

    Corn Husk Doll

    Corn husk dolls remind me of my childhood... I wanted my kids to get in on the fun too, so I came up with a...

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  10. Spin Art Turkey

    Spin Art Turkey

    Spinning paint is one of my children's absolute favorites. When we do this, we always end up with many more paintings than we need!

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  11. Leaves + Contact Paper = Fall Placemats

    Leaves + Contact Paper = Fall Placemats

    In anticipation of Thanksgiving, my kids created these simple-to-make placemats for all of our guests. First, we took a bag and head outside for a nature...

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  12. Quilled Turkeys

    Quilled Turkeys

    The art of quilling is a beautiful and intricate art form, but one that can be very fun and interesting for kids!

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  13. Leaf Handprint Wreath

    Leaf Handprint Wreath

    Finger painting is VERY popular in this house! And since we love getting crafty, this one-of-a-kind wreath seemed like a fun way to create a...

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  14. Cornucopia of Art

    Cornucopia of Art

    Creating a children's table for Thanksgiving is a fun tradition for our family. My children love brainstorming and decorating each detail. This fall, we built...

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