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  1. DIY Lacing Cards

    DIY Lacing Cards

    My 3 year old daughter loves to "sew", so we whipped up these quick lacing cards. That way, she can sew little dresses anytime she...

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  2. Alphabet Train

    Alphabet Train

    Looking for some way to keep your kiddos happy while you get dinner ready? After a particularly rousing episode of Blue's Clues, O wanted to...

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  3. Flour and Colored Chalk Experiment

    Flour and Colored Chalk Experiment

    I love including my children in cooking, but it's not always possible--especially when sharp knives and hot pots are involved. So I've been building an...

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  4. Monster Mash Up

    Monster Mash Up

    For several months every year, our Seattle skies are filled with gray clouds. So as a kindergarten teacher, I was always on the lookout for...

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  5. Gift Wrapping Kit

    Gift Wrapping Kit

    I was doing a little summer cleaning when I found a box of once-used gift wrapping scraps. I'm not quite sure what I intended...

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  6. Dry-erase Travel Books

    Dry-erase Travel Books

    Traveling with kids often involves long car rides, which almost always leads to bored kids. Creating travel books with dry erase pages was a great...

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  7. Ivory Soap & Microwave

    Ivory Soap & Microwave

    I've seen this super interesting trick involving just Ivory soap and your microwave a few places on the internet lately. My kids were itching...

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  8. Literature Inspired Art

    Literature Inspired Art

    As Emilie Buchwald's saying goes, children are made readers on the laps of their parents. I want to instill in my children a love of...

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  9. Fall Bucket List

    Fall Bucket List

    I love celebrating the changing of the seasons, and fall is my favorite of all -  something about the different light, the bite in the...

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